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+ I'm a Welshy

+ I love caramel iced coffees and olives -
just not together!


+ I failed maths at school, twice!

+ I’ve had almost every hair colour
under the sun besides blue.

+ Will sing along to any Whitney song!

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I’m Amy,

I’m a Mum to two, a wife and a huge lover of all things Instagram, business, self development and fashion.

I’m not a huge fan of rambling on about myself, I usually find myself talking about my children again or the fact I miss peeing alone. So to keep this short and sweet, here's me in a nut shell.

I started my first business at just 19 in direct sales & was very successful but decided to follow my passion for Online Marketing instead. My dream was always to have a family of my own first and then build my career next. I had our son Oliver at 19 and our daughter Morgan-May at 21 (just 15 months later) and had already built a business by then that allowed me to be home with them for the special moments.

I’ve always been extremely passionate about building others up and I’ve always had trouble with seeing the positives in life, until I read the book The Secret, the Law of Attraction and it completely changed my life.  


My number one goal in life (after having children) is to build a huge community of women from all kinds of different backgrounds, who have the same goal in going forward and that is to build an incredible life for themselves.  


I’ve always believed I was put on earth to do something incredible by creating an impact, I feel that my passion for supporting women in being the best version of themselves is allowing me to play a small part in making that impact. 

When lockdown hit the UK in March 2020, my Social Media Management business lost all its clients due to their businesses being closed by the pandemic. And so I famously "pivoted" to stay afloat. I had been receiving messages daily about becoming a mentor for others & was always too scared and I suppose the lack of self belief held me back too. But this time I felt "ready". I hired a business mentor myself and put in place a strategy to launch a new business.

Almost a year later & here we are. Using my knowledge and skills on social media as well as experience in multiple industries, I continue to support females in their business growth or business start up. Focusing on many things such as marketing, packages, on boarding, strategy and of course their self belief also.

If you are new here, welcome. Please get in touch if you wish to book a free discovery call so that we can discuss what support you need.

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